Flexible Voting


Flexible voting before and after

What is Flexible Voting?

Flexible Voting is an extension to the widely used OpenZeppelin Governor (opens in a new tab) that enables novel voting schemes to be created. Flexible Voting is developed and maintained by ScopeLift (opens in a new tab).

For a DAO that adopts it, the Flexible Voting extension allows delegates to split their voting weight across For/Against/Abstain options for a given proposal. This new building block allows arbitrary delegate contracts to be developed which can unlock all kinds of new use cases, such as:

  • Voting with tokens while earning yield in DeFi
  • Voting with tokens bridged to L2
  • Shielded voting (i.e. secret/private voting)
  • Liquid delegation and sub-delegation
  • Cheaper subsidized signature based voting
  • Voting with tokens held by a 3rd party custodian
  • Voting with tokens held in vesting contracts
  • And much more...

Anyone can permissionlessly build a new voting schemes that DAO governance token holders can opt into.

Compatible DAOs

Below is the list of noteworthy DAOs that have adopted Flexible Voting, with links to the repositories relevant to their governance systems. If your DAO uses Flexible Voting and you'd like to be added to this list, please reach out (opens in a new tab).

If you're part of an existing DAO that would like to upgrade to Flexible Voting, see our tutorial on upgrading an existing DAO.

If you're launching Governor contracts for a new DAO, you can learn how to create a new DAO with Flexible Voting.

Existing Integrations


If you are interested in supporting or contributing to Flexible Voting as we build out more use cases please reach out (opens in a new tab).